A Zombie’s Workplace Survival Guide

Zombie in the Workplace

My fellow undead, We have rarely seen such an imminent threat to our way of unliving.  The recognition by leaders and managers that Zombie employees can be brought back to life is sweeping conferences, MBA programs and those useless bricks of dead trees: best selling business books. If you consider yourself a true Zombie, you must maintain the characteristics of your brain-eating forebears.  Passively resist at every juncture performance improvement, motivating goals and for the undead’s … [Read more...]

Stop Attending Seminars That Don’t Achieve Results

Casting a Shadow

How much would your bottom line increase if your leadership team was able to consistently coach, motivate and hold employees accountable to exceptional results? Are you tired of sitting through the 2-day management training intensives and seminars only to see a return to the status quo again after only 2 weeks? Lasting learning and behavioral change takes place over the course of months, not days.  The Marble Arch Leadership Boot Camp is a 6-month, in-office, combination of skills training, … [Read more...]

4 Reasons Why Your Performance Management Isn’t Working

Time for Change

Summer is over and we’re all staring down the end of the year finish line that’s approaching at a sprinter’s speed.  Turns out the mini vacation you’ve been taking at your desk the past few months didn’t help either.  With year-end results looming and performance reviews quickly approaching, you still have one quarter to make an impact on your team goals and performance. With the following practices, you not only have an opportunity to kick-up final quarter results, but we challenge you to … [Read more...]

Official Google Management Advice: Don’t be a sissy

google logo

In 2011, Google announced the results of Project Oxygen, the firm’s massive data mining project defining exactly which behaviors lead to long-term team success. The Google team spent 2 years analyzing statistics throughout the company.  Data was sourced from performance reviews, surveys and top-manager nominations.  If you haven’t yet read the Project Oxygen findings, you may now be feeling like you are at the precipice of opening a treasure chest.  What research-based management advice does … [Read more...]

3 Crucial Tools Stellar Performers Are Using Right Now

Crucial Communication

You might be an incredible salesperson, mind-blowing accountant or brilliant entrepreneur, but research and experience say you probably have trouble tackling the really tough topics with individuals on your team or using feedback the right way to increase their results. It took us almost 5 years of in-depth research, practical application and experience with clients to create the Crucial Communication tools we now teach to everyone from CEO’s to sales managers.  We have taken the 3 Crucial … [Read more...]

Saving $200,000 With a Targeted Performance Intervention


Were you one of the millions of people who read the recent Gallup statistic that 70% of employees are not engaged and thought “Yep, that’s what it looks like around here”?  Prior to beginning a performance improvement initiative, many of our clients and their teams looked around and recognized that there could be so much more at work.  More effectiveness, more joy, more sales, in essence, more performance.  Knowing you’ve got a performance problem is the first step towards turning the problem … [Read more...]

UC Berkeley Announced its Fall Lineup and We’re Stoked About One Class In Particular


Prepare for success in 2014.  Identify the goals that will drive your team's best business results. We're excited to announce open registration for our UC Berkeley Extension course! Managing Partner, Jessica Weatherford will be teaching an in-depth course at the San Francisco campus that will provide the tools you need to transform your team's performance.  Follow the link below to complete your registration. Transforming Performance Measurement Every business decision is made with … [Read more...]

Removing Barriers to Sales Success: 5 Questions for Dan Pink


There are certain thought leaders whose impact is so great that just the mention of their name is enough to elicit a colleague's grin and a delighted "Did you read their new book?!" Daniel Pink is one of those.  Three of his books in particular, A Whole New Mind, Drive and To Sell Is Human have literally changed the way many people look at motivation and individual performance. After finishing To Sell is Human, we at Marble Arch found we had 5 burning questions for the man himself.  The … [Read more...]

3 Little Known Ways to Increase Your Leadership Influence

Magnetic Leadership

Do you feel that change all around you?  Your clients’ requirements have changed, your competition has changed and glaringly the needs of your new talent have definitely changed.  That change feels like a thin line running right through “optimistic growth” and “nausea-inducing uncertainty.” We are standing at the edge of one of the greatest shifts seen in business in the past century.  This shift is demanding that leaders develop new skills and learn new tools to reach the next level of … [Read more...]

The New Marble Arch Whitepaper: Thrive In Turbulence

Thrive In Turbulence

Turbulence is here to stay. At Marble Arch, we don't see this as a negative.  In fact, we believe there are opportunities for increased business success despite the volatility you're experiencing. As we work with established and startup clients to take their business to the next level of performance, our clients often realize that the processes and tools they had relied on for past growth are proving inadequate for future success.  The leaders we partner with are often frustrated and … [Read more...]