About Us

Marble Arch is a performance acceleration consultancy delivering long-term, sustainable changes to teams of established companies as well as early stage startups needing to cross a chasm in their performance.  We empower our small to medium-sized client companies to drive profitability by improving effectiveness and efficiency as well as increasing the employee connection to the business.

Our partners combine extensive practical experience across multiple industries with deep theoretical knowledge to empower teams to reach their full potential.  Our recommendations are rooted in our partners’ operational experience, making them practical for application in your business.  Marble Arch provides the external expertise you need to identify the right changes in your business to drive increased performance.



Jessica V. Weatherford, Marble Arch Consultants Inc.Jessica Weatherford

Managing Partner

Jessica brings more than a decade of experience in financial management and organizational leadership to Marble Arch. Jessica has worked with both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations in a leadership capacity, helping to not only increase the effectiveness and financial results of the organization, but to also reconnect the employees to the business.

Jessica’s extensive experience as CFO of a mid-size construction company brings a unique and valuable perspective to her work with Marble Arch. Through consulting, workshops and leadership development, she has partnered with leaders and empowered teams to reach their full potential.

With an MBA in Finance, Jessica knows financial goals and analysis are vital to a company’s success. It was during her time as CFO she realized it is the combination of powerful systems and engaged employees that deliver financial success. This epiphany led to her supplementing her MBA with a Master of Science degree in Human Resources, with an emphasis on Organizational Development.

Jessica is a co-founder of Marble Arch and a Bay Area native.  Jessica enjoys a passionate pursuit of Northern California wine and can often be found at Crossfit or hiking the local trails.


Neal M. Bottom, Marble Arch Consultants Inc.Neal Bottom

Managing Partner

Neal brings over 15 years of experience in organizational development and team leadership to Marble Arch. Neal has worked with several national and global companies in a leadership capacity, helping improve the performance of departments, teams and individuals.

Neal has helped to build and shape corporate talent management policies and procedures, designed leadership development programs, and designed practices to execute corporate strategy on an individual level.

Neal was first exposed to organizational development as a Navy Petty Officer when his team was tasked with increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their department. Building on his Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Psychology, he obtained a Master of Science degree in Human Resources and Organizational Leadership supplemented with a Professional, Human Resources certification.

Co-founder of Marble Arch and Bay Area native, Neal spends his free time at the local Crossfit and hiking trails in the Mt. Diablo foothills.